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Hello everyone. My name is Jacob Urban. And if I am anyone or anything, I am someone who believes that the land can teach us to heal ourselves.

Over 30 years ago I started walking a path. Countless miles spent in the mountains, skiing, climbing, guiding, teaching, rescuing and learning from nature, led me to myself.

Through the roles of Educator, Search and Rescue Technician, Emergency Medical Practitioner, Risk Management Consultant, Corporate Leader and Holistic Health Coach I have been helping people find themselves.

I provide this through my curriculum, The Biology of Spirit, where I deliver mountain-based, emotional self-discovery experiences that create a responsibility to the self while developing community. I provide this through the mediums of heart health seminars & holistic health retreats, avalanche education and emergency medicine as well as knowledge about how one fits into the surrounding Universe.

I feel a deep connection to this existence. That’s what I am sharing. Do you feel it too?

Professional Experience

Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute

Founder / Owner

April 2010 – Present

  • Recognized Independent Provider of Avalanche Education by the American Avalanche Association
  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians – Authorized Educational Institution
  • Wyoming EMS – Recognized Wyoming State Provider
  • American Heart Association – Training Site
  • American Red Cross – Licensed Provider
  • SOLO Wilderness Medicine – Authorized Provider

Teton County Search And Rescue

Deputy Director, Training and Helicopter Operations Advisor

Jan. 2010 – Sept. 2018

  • Elevated the team to be recognized as a voting member of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue
  • Led or assisted an average of 90 rescues per year
  • Incident Commander, High Angle Technician, Helicopter Crew Lead & Short Haul Team Lead

American Avalanche Association

Professional Member

2007 – Present

  • 15 years as an applied snow science practitioner

Education Review Committee Members

Sept. 2009 – Sept. 2019

  • Established standards, guidelines and oversight of Avalanche Education in the U.S.
  • Co-Authored Educational Standards for Motorized Avalanche Education in the U.S.

American Institute For Avalanche Research & Education

Curriculum Development and Instructor Trainer

Sept. 2008 – May 2019

  • Developed nation wide standard and curriculum for Avalanche Instuctor Training Program
  • Delivered Instructor Training for nearly half of the Instructor pool nationwide

Northern Vermont University – Lyndon Campus

Professor of Outdoor Education & Expeditionary Studies

Sept. 1996 – May 2018

  • Led over 100 rock, alpine, skiing and high altitude expeditions in 4 countries


Wildnerness – Emergency Medical Technician

1998 – Present

  • 24 years of Urban and Wilderness Emergency Patient Care


1994 – Present

  • 28 Years of guiding in the Rock, Alpine and Ski environments


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