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As a mountain athlete, guide & rescuer, educator, and entrepreneur, I bring more than 3 decades of applied, proven effective, risk management, teamwork strategies and techniques to the table. I began my professional journey as a corporate leadership facilitator working with Fortune 500 companies in New England. Over the past three decades I served as an Undergraduate Professor of Outdoor Education and Emergency Medicine, Search & Rescue Deputy Director – Helicopter, Short Haul & Training Advisor, Mountain Guide, Program Director, Curriculum Writer, Wilderness Medic, Energy Worker, and Business Owner.

I founded, own, and lead the Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute, an outfitter and educational think tank devoted to a heart centered, holistic approach to delivering programs in risk management, avalanche education and pre-hospital emergency medicine trainings.

Through my curriculum, The Biology of Spirit, I provide a biological understanding of how emotion interacts with the nervous system (our gut, heart and brain) affecting our biological reaction, behavioral responses and health. Through these baseline understandings I dive deeper into the topic areas of leadership, risk management, cognitive bias, stress management, and holistic health. My trainings and specific practices provide individual’s techniques to control their responses and change their behaviors for the betterment of one’s self and the people they interact and work with.

As a practitioner and instructor of Hatha Yoga, breath-work and meditation, the programs I deliver incorporate unique leadership and wellness techniques to develop a greater sense of self, a connection to one’s community and our environment. These programs result in improved communications and relationships with a greater sense of community amongst groups.

My common thread: my passion to empower individuals with healthy, process-driven experiences that reduce stress, improve health and increase performance. My strongest skill – the ability to connect with individuals – the foundation for effective mentoring and coaching. I’m a lifetime alpine athlete with a passion for deep experience in the natural world. That perspective that has helped me manage risk in all parts of my life while finding a greater connection to this existence.

If you are looking for improved health & relationships and find deeper meanings in all aspects of life, contact me to share my perspective, experiences, and techniques with your team.


I custom tailor presentations and team-building seminars on a variety of topics that include Heart Health, Heart Centered Leadership, Cognitive Bias, Pathophysiology of Stress, Holistic Health, and Risk Management. These individualized programs include proven strategies and practices that improve the mental and physical heath of the individual, while strengthening their community, and connecting us more deeply to our surrounding environment and the individuals in it.


Jacob consults with individuals in the disciplines of peak athletic performance, diet & nutrition, cleansing, yoga, meditation, and breath-work. Contact him today to schedule an in-person or teleconference one-on-one session, or to schedule a talk or seminar today. Quotes available upon request.


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