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The Coherent Mind Body Connection – Thoughts, Actions & Feelings
September 21, 2023

The mind – body connection is possibly the most important practice to integrate into our life to improve our health. 

Our thoughts and actions create feelings. For example, when we exercise appropriately especially while engaging with nature we create a beneficial biological response. That response enlarges our blood vessels, reducing vascular resistance, while triggering hormones that provide beneficial feelings or emotions. 

Through thought, specifically deserving or beneficial thought, we produce a similar biological response that also results in the triggering of hormones that provide beneficial feelings or emotions. The neurons in your brain are so impressionable that they can make the body feel as though it is physically experiencing pleasure. 

The same process of action and thought can also provide negative effects. If we overwork or overtrain the body we can trigger stress hormones that in turn create feelings of fatigue or sickness. The same is true for negative thinking patterns. Simply by thinking of negative or stressful situations we can promote feelings of stress. If you have ever witnessed someone engaged in watching football or a boxing match you will find that they are reacting as if they are actually in the activity. You can also observe this in someone worrying about a problem. These processes create stress in the body though the hormonal concoction we create all through our perception, beliefs and thoughts. 

For a complete biological understanding of this process, watch the video at the bottom of the article.

Our hormonal biology can be of  great benefits or cause great harm to our health. The physiology is quite simple. What we eat and drink as well as how we react or respond constitutes the chemistry of our blood.  The make up of our blood provides either nutrition and oxygen or toxicity and depravation to the cell. The cell then communicates with our DNA. Our DNA then programs us for either health or illness. This is all based off of our blood chemistry. 

The age old adage of “we are what we eat” is a biological fact. Although the implications are greater than just what we are eating. Rather, what we are consuming is affecting our health by changing our beliefs. Consuming media has the capacity to change our beliefs and how we think about things. Often causing us to have fear based thoughts and responses to things we are not actually experiencing. 

The goal is to have coherence in our actions, thoughts and feelings. When our thoughts actions and feelings are in coherence or alignment, the result is the presence of mind, a strong body and an open heart. 

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