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Embodiment: Some Questions to Sit with / I’ve Been Sitting with..

A friend of mine sent me this text: "Questions to sit with/I’ve been sitting with: What has your relationship with feeling safe in yourbody been like? When do you feel the safest in your embodiment?" Here is what came out after a few days of meditating on it and writing around it. What has your relationship with feeling safe in your body been like?  The relationship of feeling safe in my body only started to became a conscious practice over the last 7 years. Prior to that it was a one sided fight or push against the wishes of my body and my spirit. A mentally driven, forced march if you will.  A little background context… My current perspective is one of a tertiary approach to our existence. This is not metaphoric, but a physical biological reality. The communion of mind, body and spirit. Spirit, our higher self, communicates to us through our emotions. Our emotions are processed by the body through a range of feelings. And finally, our mind. Its purpose when uncorrupted, working and...

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The Coherent Mind Body Connection – Thoughts, Actions & Feelings

The mind - body connection is possibly the most important practice to integrate into our life to improve our health.  Our thoughts and actions create feelings. For example, when we exercise appropriately especially while engaging with nature we create a beneficial biological response. That response enlarges our blood vessels, reducing vascular resistance, while triggering hormones that provide beneficial feelings or emotions.  Through thought, specifically deserving or beneficial thought, we produce a similar biological response that also results in the triggering of hormones that provide beneficial feelings or emotions. The neurons in your brain are so impressionable that they can make the body feel as though it is physically experiencing pleasure.  The same process of action and thought can also provide negative effects. If we overwork or overtrain the body we can trigger stress hormones that in turn create feelings of fatigue or sickness. The same is true for negative thinking...

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Mind & Body Connection Through Heart Health

For the last 30 years, I have been practicing as an emergency medic in urban and austere environments. During that time I have been instruction & teaching emergency and heart based curriculum and piecing together volumes of research and literature regarding the mechanical and emotional components of the heart. During this time I have come to some of my own conclusions. There seems to be a   lack of a holistic understanding of how to treat patients emotionally in the practice of emergency and treatment based medicine to obtain better physical results. And while these ideas are shared by many others in the field of medicine, those number are far too few to be heard over the roar of common western practice. Some of our best medical institutions use using these understandings in their practice. Unfortunately, the cost associated with access to these facilities and the limited availability of these institutions reduces its overall effectiveness as they are the exception. And most...

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What We See in Others, is How We See Ourselves.

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.   - Earl Nightingale  One of the observations that I am constantly making is that I can only see myself through others, my habits and nature.  We never get to see ourselves in this existence. We are always looking out, sometimes looking inward although never at ourselves. Therefore we only see ourselves through the reflection of others. How others react and respond to us provides us with a better understanding of who we are. Nature also provides us this mirror. When we engage with the natural environment we are presented with a reflection of our character and condition. How we react or respond to the challenges of the natural world shows us our limitations or strengths respectively. Have you ever done something difficult in the out of doors and gotten frustrated? You may have through your frustration was with the conditions or the difficulty. I would argue our frustration is with...

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Emotion – The Compass That Leads You to Yourself

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.  - Roger Ebert A few weeks ago I stumbled across a dictionary from 1908. I have taken a fascination with comparing how we once defined terms and ideas to how we understand and communicate concepts today. I looked up Emotion in the 1908 dictionary to find the following definition: Emotion: an undesirable state of being. Today according to the Oxford Dictionary: Emotion: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationship with others. An instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reason or knowledge.  This is an excellent example of how we have been evolving as human beings over time. We evolve through our perception, thought and beliefs.  Different than our fellow mammals  who evolved through genetic mutation and adaptation. We have always been the same biological human beings. Although as we change our beliefs we evolve and change our relationship with...

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